Since 1901, CMD is manufacturing standard and special gearboxes for heavy-duty applications. In addition to state-of-the-art gear technology and new precise machines, CMD has got a strong after-sales service available worldwide.

CMD is consecrating special attention to Sugar Industry and appreciated by professionals using CANEflex®, CANEmaster® and ERsun® mill drives, and BOGIFLEX® and ERsun® drives for horizontal and vertical diffusers and crystallizers.

In the 70-ties, CMD introduced first compact drives at Kenana (Sudan) with 14 split-torque gearboxes operating successfully since 1977.

In the 90-ties, the first compact CANEflex® planetary gearbox was installed at TayNinh (Vietnam) followed by White Nile (Sudan), SSC (Sudan), Makeni (Sierra Leone) and many others.

In 2009 the offer is enlarged with CANEmaster®planetary gearboxes designed to increase competitiveness. The excellent response of the market considerably increased our references.

In 2013, CMD introduced the CANEflex® – Neo, designed to drive large mills of 50”x100” and plus. The first CANEflex® – Neo are operating in Cameroun (Sosucam) and Pakistan (JDW).

Horizontal and vertical diffusion is proposed with BOGIFLEX® gearboxes being the most reliable drives in the market. The remarkable BOGIFLEX® operating results at Bungamayang (Indonesia) since 1991 incited CMD to introduce a new competitive ERsun® planetary gearboxes series.
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