Sulzer and Ensival Moret have joined forces. With a combined experience of more than 180, Sulzer is a major global actor offering a full line of pumping and mixing solutions for industrial applications such as sugar and biofuels.

The ecological alternative to the current fuels has led Sulzer to develop its activities in bioenergy.

Thanks to our integrated expertise and truly global manufacturing and support network with more than 14 000 employees around the world, Sulzer stays close to its customers and ensures knowledgeable sup-port and qualified services to their specific requirements, both for the design and maintenance of the equipment.

A real partnership with main OEMs combined to a close technical collaboration with all global leaders in sugar industry allows Sulzer to constantly develop new cutting-edge products. Our expanded range of pumps, mixers and agitators ensures handling and mixing of all liquids in sugar production processes.
List of equipment and/or main services :Business areas : Up-front factory,Back-end factory,Bio-ethanol