Novasep is a leading provider of purification technologies based on ion-exchange, industrial chromatography, and membrane filtration for the sugar industry.

With our process development and engineering expertise, we offer specific processes and equipment for the processingof beet and cane sugar. More than 50,000 tons of refined sugar and 3,000 tons of liquid sugar are produced on a daily basis thanks to our equipment installed worldwide. Our offering also includes access to pilot plant production, new unit start-up, and global after sales for maintenance and spare parts supply.

Novasepíspallet of technologies includes more generally chromatography, ion-exchange, adsorption, tangential filtration, electrodialysis, and liquid sugar evaporation.We provide batch or continuous processing for key operations such as clarification and filtration, decolorization, concentration, and demineralization.

Novasepís innovative offer includes:
- NSRion exchange process for deliming
- FAST chromatography process for molasses separation
- Decolorization process with regenerant recycling by nanofiltration
- Cross-flow filtration of sugar juices and syrups with Kerasepģ membranes
List of equipment and/or main services :Business areas : Up-front factory,Back-end factory