NEU has been working for many years in the sugar industry with different technologies all related to the air in movement. As a manufacturer of industrial fans, we are supplying process fans to many engineering companies or directly to the sugar plants for several applications: boiler forced draft fan, boiler induced draft fan, belt cleaning fans, dryer fans… We also do wheel revamping on existing fans and have efficient solutions against corrosion, erosion or any problems that affects the lifetime of the wheel. NEU FEVI’s wheel design is recognized for its high energetic and aeraulic efficiency.

NEU is an expert in ventilation of the production and packing areas for the plant, injection and extraction of air is used to ventilate and this air can be refreshed if necessary by using an adiabatic system to naturally refresh it.

NEU has a wide range of dedusting solutions, using dust collector with dry or wet filtration and designing the best systems for each plant to catch efficiently the dust at its source, filtrate it and collect it. Our solutions comply with the ATEX/NFPA directives. Typical applications are dust collection for packing areas, belt conveyor, transfer points and silo roof. Centralized vacuum systems to clean floors and machinery is another solution provided by NEU.

NEU is also a specialist in pneumatic transport, such systems are implemented when high levels of innocuity are needed or where mechanical systems cannot be used. Silo filling, truck unloading or pellets transfer are examples of applications.
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