MAGUIN, founded in 1843, and having joined the Moret Industries Group in 1986 accompanies its customers in each step of their project, from conception to maintenance of their equipment or complete installations.

Thanks to its know-how and experience in their markets, MAGUIN is present with the main actors of the sugar industry and realizes between 50 to 85 % of its sales in export.

Maguin puts its expertise at services of its sugar customers in the following fields:

>Sugar: from beet storage to entry of the juice purification, except pulp pressing,
>Alcohol & Bioconversion: processes covering every step in processing sweet and starchy raw materials into all grades of alcohol
>Drying & Pelleting: complete drying installations and beet pulp dewatering by drum or belt with top thermal efficiency
>Environment: installations for treatment of boiler flue gas (specific development of our CerCat filter through catalytic ceramic)

Maguin has developed its image over many years, created many benchmark technologies as well as equipment and quality services.
List of equipment and/or main services :Business areas : Up-front factory,Bio-ethanol,Studies and services