eRcane was created in 1929 by Reunion’s Trade Union of Sugar Manufacturers in order to participate in the growth and sustainability of thesugarcane industry. Sugar is vital to the island, a French overseas Department in the heart of the Indian Ocean.


At eRcane we create varieties which are adapted to different ecological zones of sugarcane production in Reunion. Our trials are carried out across our ownselection stations and on several participating farms as part of an experimental enabling an objective evaluation of the new clones created every yearthrough natural hybridization (about 120,000).


For optimization of the sugar process, eRcane boasts a well-equipped laboratory and an experienced team.
At eRcane we implementprojects for process automation, carry out maintenance of digital control systems used in power plants, distilleries and sugar factories, and we manufacture certain transmittersspecific to the sugarcane industry.


Exporting eRcane’s know-how by:
· drawing up agreements governing usage of ‘R’ varieties,
· supplying fuzz (cane seeds)to implement selection program,
· providingautomation and assistance at the start of each harvest, laboratory audits and optimizing the sugarprocess.
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