Barriquand is the specialist of heat exchanger and offers customized solutions to its industrial customers worldwide (60% exportation).

The expertise of our staff enable them to propose you the most relevant technology among our portfolio of equipment:PlatularŪ welded plate heat exchangers, gasketed plate heat exchangers, Shell and tube heat exchangers (smooth, corrugated or finned tubes, Shell&TwistŪ), Coiled tubes heat exchangers, Heat exchangers mounted on BarrithermŪ skids.

Barriquandis the inventor of welded plate heat exchangers type PlatularŪ without any gaskets in the heating area, reducing considerably the maintenance costs.

Barriquand PlatularŪ heat exchangers present a very large spacing on the juice side that make them 100% free flow and give them strong advantages for juices with high content of particles such as raw or mixed juice, limed juice and carbonated juice. They could also be used on clear juice, thin juice or remelt syrup.

Barriquand PlatularŪ heat exchangers are designed for heating juices with condensates or very low pressure vapours such as V3, V4, V5 or pan vapour that enable a high optimization of energy in the factory that is especially important when in factories with co-generation selling electricity to the grid.
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